Jurassic Park!

You know the scene, things are starting to go bad and you know something’s coming. There’s the old filmmaking adage of “show don’t tell” so how would you show the impending doom of a T-Rex getting closer and closer? This is the beauty of this scene, we know what’s coming and so do Lex and Tim. What is the most important aspect of the film here, though? It’s not the T-Rex or the kids, it’s the fear of the unknown. In this case, the unknown is a massive escaped T-Rex on the loose in Jurassic Park and it’s getting closer.

Jurassic Park

Show don’t tell.

We don’t get to see the T-Rex, we get to see inside the car. Inside our metal cage where you’re now in captivity and the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park are coming to take a look (at least) of you. Then we see the water, slowly rippling with each step of the giant getting closer and closer. A glass of water is an innocent object, it’s water but somehow Spielberg managed to turn it into a fear inducing prop. How? This video from Fandor will show you exactly how it was done.

Source: Fandor