Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

When you think of films that defined modern SFX, Beetlejuice will be in many people’s list. It’s one of those films that everyone has seen and everyone loves. CGI took over from this style of SFX but just like vinyl, it’s making a comeback. In this video by Elimacs SFX Makeup, we learn how to turn ourselves into Beetlejuice. Which is awesome even if you’re just looking to be the coolest kid at the Halloween party this year. From a filmmaking perspective, this is about creating characters and learning how to create a fun and crazy character that can define your film, like Beetlejuice.

We look at how the mouths can easily be created on a flat surface using either latex paste or latex and cotton. We also learn about what goes into the process of creating SFX for a character to use in your films.

Source: Elimas SFX Makeup