What is the art of entertainment in story?

In this video, Anatomy of Chaos discusses the meaning and function of the art of entertainment in story. How do screenwriters engage their audience? From the opening scene to the closing scene. Screenwriters write with the purpose of throwing the audience into conflict. The purpose of a story is to make the viewer ask questions that the writer will resolve. This is why you will want to get your opening scene right. As a result, an opening scene well means that the writer will engage the audience with the story and characters.

The Art of Entertainment

Exposition and collaboration

All of the questions raised by story are designed to challenge the audience. It’s a race against time to solve the mystery. Filmmaking is about collaborating between the storyteller and the audience. Critics often describe entertainment as the lowest value element of a story. Associating it with pop culture and mindless art. Not everyone will agree though, because most people think that all entertainment is an art form. This video from Anatomy of chaos takes us on a journey of understanding entertainment. From the latin origins of the word to the modern day art created. Grab your pen, you’ll need to take some notes.

Source: Anatomy of Chaos