How’s Your Interview Lighting?

We’ve all been there. The interviewee is already in the building and if you’re anything like most other production companies, you’re still setting up. It’s okay though, because you know what you’re doing, right? Sometimes. You need to get your interview lighting techniques correct so that even if you are running late, you can still get great light on set. Getting great light to begin with saves a world of pain in post. Sure, you can correct most things these days in post but wouldn’t you rather be making it look awesome than satisfactory?

Interview Lighting

Lights, Camera…Questions?

In this video from Film Riot, we take a look at how to set up your interview lighting. Film Riot cover the location, cinematic lighting. As well as looking at their post process with color grading in Adobe Premiere. In addition, we also see how they came up with the questions. Which, in an interview situation is pretty handy!

Source: Film Riot