So what is white balance?

First of all, white balance is the act of telling your camera what white really is. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Whether you’re a cinematographer or photographer, knowing what white balance is, is clearly very handy. If you’re a beginner you’ll want to get all of the filmmaking tips you can can. If this is tripping you up and you’re getting frustrated trying to wrap your head around it, Wolfcrow has come up with a simple explanation.

White Balance GoPro

Get your white on!

If you start with a white piece of paper and shine a tungsten light on it, it will appear with a yellow tinge. Furthermore, if you shine an LED light onto a piece of paper it will appear to have a slight green look to it. Yet, we know this is wrong. Our brains know that yellow and green are not white of course, but our cameras do not. All cameras come with the ability to white balance your camera and as a result, you will get images that look correct to your brain.

Source: Wolfcrow