The Birth of the Title Sequence

Imagine sitting down with your popcorn and boom, the film begins without warning. There’s no title sequence, there’s no 10 minutes of production company idents and there’s no piracy warning. It wasn’t until 1900 that the first title card was used, before that, nothing. Director Cecil Hepworth in considered to be the first director that used a title sequence, albeit a very simple one. He used a title in his film ‘How it Feels to be Run Over’ and sparked a new technique that today has it’s own awards categories.

History of Title Sequences

The Evolution of Titles

It wasn’t until ‘The Great Train Robbery’ came out in 1903 that using title cards became more commonplace in movies. From then on it was all the rage. This video by Filmmaker IQ goes into great detail on the history of title sequences. Who used them first and their evolution through cinema. Not only do title Sequences tell you the name of the film and the stars, they can also set the tone and mood and put you in the right frame of mind to experience the film or TV show to come.

Source: Filmmaker IQ