How to be creative and film creativity

It’s hard to come up with the perfect story, the perfect character arc or even the perfect angle for a shot. A lot of the time as indie filmmakers, film creativity isn’t always at the top of our agenda. We don’t always have the luxury of spending days or weeks thinking about one particular shot. What we do have however, is the ability to create and the ability to create style. How can you be creative with such time and financial restraints though?

The incredibly brilliant screenwriter Graham Linehan talked how he imposes rules on himself that means he has to be creative. For example, he decided to only allow himself one swear word in each series of The IT Crowd. As a result, when that swear word is used, the impact is huge. Think about those rules, whether self imposed or not and use them to your advantage.

Film Creativity

You could just steal…

Is anything ever really original? After all, there’s only so many words or notes or tones or colors. Let’s be straight here, nobody is condoning stealing everything from character, story, scenes or angles to have an exact replica. You’d only end up with an obvious copycat if you did that anyway. We’re talking about being inspired, to what extent is your decision. Quentin Tarantino knows how to be creative by using and stealing work from others. Call it paying homage, call it inspiration, call it whatever you want but there’s nothing wrong with it when it’d done with purpose.

This video from StoryTellers takes a look at how Tarantino uses other films to inspire his own. Obviously, with a huge Tarantino style shift along the way.

Source: StoryTellers