I’ve Got Something in My Eye

Let’s talk about emotion in film, pass the tissues. We’ve all been there, watching a movie when you feel yourself becoming a little overwhelmed. You suddenly become more invested in that character or story arc than you thought you would. All because of that pesky character you suddenly feel something for. It’s no accident of course, it’s the job of the screenwriter to invoke emotion from the audience. It’s then the job of everyone from the director to the grip then realise the screenwriters intention. In order to do that, they need to understand the importance of getting the audience invested through emotion.

Emotion in Film

Why Emotion in Film is Important

It’s obvious really, if you care about something then you invest more of yourself into it. Movies tell a story, our protagonist takes a journey and it’s the filmmakers job to take the audience along with them. So, if you’ve ever wondered what that tingling sensation you get from emotional films is called, then take a look at this video by FilmUnderstood.

Source: FilmUnderstood