I Am The One Who Knocks

It’s true, it’s been nine whole years since we first saw that glorious blue crystal meth. Meth that gave birth to everyone’s favorite cook Walter White, aka Heisenberg. A lot has happened in that nine years and not just for the characters of Breaking Bad but also, as a result of the phenomenal success of this break out show. We’ve had the Better Call Saul spin off for a start, Vince Gilligan has grown the Breaking Bad world to showcase one of our favorite characters. There’s been tons of shows in the same vein as Breaking Bad, some more successful than others and most importantly, it has given us a true benchmark for how good TV can be and just how far it has come.

Breaking Bad

In this video by Entertain the Elf, we celebrate the amazing writing, production, acting and general all round awesome of Breaking Bad on it’s 9th birthday by examining the pilot episode and Breaking Bad‘s greatest influence, Once Upon a Time in the West.

Source: Entertain the Elk