You Don’t Have To Adapt A Movie

It seems like studios are running out of ideas. Often they turn to remakes, reboots and sequels to get eager cinephiles through the door of the cinema these days. In some cases that’s fine, it works and the end result is a movie that, although you know what you’re getting, you also enjoy it. However, it also seems like this is sometimes at the expense of creativity. When was the last time you saw an original movie like The Goonies, for example? It’s a terrible shame.

How not to adapt a movie

Beg, Steal and Borrow

In this video, the always excellent Nerdwriter looks into movie adaptations and what makes or breaks them. We take a look at why some adaptations (Ghost in the Shell *cough) completely fail to capture the original essence of whatever they are being adapted from. The thing is, you don’t always have to be entirely original to create something entirely original. You can let your creative juices run wild and be inspired by your favorite films and scenes. Tarantino steals in his films but no-one could possible say that he isn;t original. Be more Tarantino and less generic Hollywood.

Source: The Nerdwriter