Product placement on Mars

Get your ass to Mars! And whilst you’re there, check out some of the advertising. Product placement in film isn’t always necessarily about making a bit of extra money from your film. Sure, if you’re wanting to fundĀ your short film with product placement, it’s not the worst idea. But there are many other reasons why some directors may choose to add a product into a film or maybe the film itself is used to advertise a concept, a theory or a future mission to Mars?

The irony of product placement in a film set so far in the future isn’t lost on anyone. It might not have been the intention of the film but it’s certainly used in some cases as satire. Total Recall is littered with references to product placement that must be in the film to satisfy the humor aspect of product placement. For example, there’s a poster for Hawaiian sun tan lotion in a scene that must only be there to poke fun at itself. Sun tan lotion on Mars?

Product Placement in Film

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