Who is Satoshi Kon?

Japanese filmmaker Satoshi Kon is a renowned filmmaker that a lot people may not have heard of. His work is especially relevant in films from Darren aronofsky and Christopher Nolan. He cemented his legacy in animation by making four films and a tv series in one decade. He makes cinema about modern people living multiple lives, warping time and space, a blurring of reality and fantasy.

Dreams, Nightmares, Memories, Movies and Life

We take a look at the editing in Satoshi Kon’s films, in this great video essay by Tony Zhou. One of Kon’s most noticeable habits was matching scene transitions, which Edgar Wright does so well for visual comedy. In the opening four minutes of Paprika, there are five dream sequences and each one of them is connected by a match cut. For comparison, the opening scene of ‘Inception’ has four dream sequences, with only one match cut.

Satoshi Kon

Satoshi Kon’s work was about the interaction between dreams, nightmares, memories, movies and life. Kon would stack cuts to add an element of surprise and as a result, just as we are getting used to one scene we would be thrown into the next. He would show one image and then reveal it wasn’t what you thought it was, adding an element of surprise. He would occasionally use an establishing shot only later to show it was a characters point of view, bring the viewer into the action without even realising it.

Source: Every Frame a Painting