Editing Concepts and Choices

Is Die Hard a christmas movie? Yes, yes it is. Good, now we have that out of the way, let’s move onto looking at the editing concepts of Die Hard. Okay, so when you think of movies with masterful editing maybe this (Christmas) classic doesn’t appear at the top of most people’s list. What it does have going for it however, is the fact that on the DVD extras, there is a kind of interactive editing workshop. This workshop allows you to re-edit the boardroom and air duct scenes, so welcome to the party, pal.

Glass, who gives a shit about glass?

It turns out we all do, the choice of glass on the camera, the angle and the cuts are all important choices. In this video by RJFilmSchool, we look at the editing concepts and choices of John F. Link, Frank J. Urioste. By comparing the different options available to you against the final film, we get a unique look into the editor’s decision-making process. Joey, from RJFilmSchool walks us through the workshop, which is nice of him. He demonstrate these “die-hard” concepts that are essential to film editing, as well as examples of how other films have used them to great effect.

Source: RJFilmSchool