Jon Favreau has come a long way since Pete Becker

Who remembers Pete from Friends? He was the rich guy that Monica fell for early on in the series. He dominated the business world and wanted to dominate the physical world. It turns out that Jon Favreau actually wanted to dominate the movie world. With tons of movies under his belt already, like Iron Man, Chef and many more. The focus of today’s Q&A though, is The Jungle Book, which was a huge success for an animated film. It was also a huge success by live action film standards too.

Jon Favreau Jungle Book

All the knowledge!

In this Q&A, director Jon Favreau discusses the making of The Jungle Book with Director Donald Petrie. It’s an incredibly insightful look at the process and methods of two successful directors. For any aspiring filmmaker, we urge you to watch and listen to what makes a production successful.

Source: Directors Guild of America