When you’re walking home at night, down a dark alley and alone, how much of you is scared? There’s not really anything to worry about of course, but there’s a little part of your mind that plays tricks on you. That part of you that re-enacts all those scenes in movies where this exact moment has been the start of a horror movie. Tapping into that mindset of an audience is a skill that many have tried but few have mastered. Of course, Alfred Hitchcock films aren’t necessarily about out and out horror, he creates suspense in filmmaking and drama that makes us feel anxious and unnerved.

In this video by Entertain the Elk, we look at how exactly Hitchcock achieves his masterful suspense and how we as filmmakers can try to replicate it. Filmmaking is about studying and understanding the masters and how they work. Then we can steal from the greats (like Tarantino) and use them as our own inspiration to create the films we want to create.

Source: Entertain the Elk