The first rule of David Fincher, is that we absolutely talk about David Fincher

David Fincher is a name that anyone who has the slightest idea of film will recognise. Fight Club, anyone? If you’re a fan of film (why would you be here?) you would have at some point, been confused by his camera work. Fincher typically uses a lot camera movements and commissions intricate sets. He also gets heavily involved in post-production and re-shoots footage after the principal photography has wrapped. All are his trademarks, all are used to give that David Fincher look. He also likes to shoot inside fridges, because what shows the inner workings of a character clearer than seeing what’s in their fridge?

David Fincher

Reasonable doubt

The Film Guy takes a look at one specific part of the Gone Girl, painting a murderer. Specifically, how Fincher used the media as a character to deceive the audience. Everyone distrusts the media to some extent and by using them to paint a picture for the audience, we are drawn into the lies. The media is used to establish reasonable doubt, to find a plausible reason to doubt Nick’s innocence. The film itself shows Nick as innocent but with the media painting this picture, we’re ready to send him straight to jail.

Source: The Film Guy