Film Reference: It’s Almost as if it’s Self Aware

Most directors are film geeks, obviously. So just like a lot of directors, Edgar Wright is a film geek. The difference though, is that Edgar Wright uses his film reference geekery in his films to more of an extent than anyone else and as a result, he has developed his trademark style.  A style that is hard to not notice when watching any of his projects, especially SPACED.

Edgar Wright's Film References

If you haven’t seen SPACED, then firstly shame on you, secondly, shame on you. It’s a pop culture cake with every film reference you can possibly imagine thrown into the mixing bowl for our viewing pleasure. When you combine this with Edgar Wright’s mastery of visual comedy, you have solid fried gold. Of course, there are a lot of directors that litter their movies with pop culture references. What Wright does so well though, is that he uses them to advance plot. Take a look at the video by Fandor, they have cut every film reference in SPACED into this glorious 4 minute video.

You can see from the video that there are a lot of film references in just two seasons of SPACED. Everything from 2001: A Space Odyssey to Star Wars if referenced, it’s almost like a cult reference spotting challenge. As a result of his unique style, Wright has managed to create a sitcom that is now in it’s own right part of pop culture. So, you should go and watch it, it’s a masterclass on film reference.

Source: Fandor