Color theory is all around us

Color and color theory has a huge impact on film, there’s no denying that. From the monochrome images of Schindler’s List to the post apocalyptic world of Mad Max. It’s one of the most crucial elements of film, it creates a tone within a film and makes the audience feel something. Subconsciously, there are so many color palettes in everyday life that color affects the way we feel about any given scenario. The next time you go out for a walk, take a look around you and try to think about how the color of the landscape affects you.

Color Theory

Making it POP

Grading is the process of changing the colors, saturation and contract within the image. In this video, Film in the Making goes over some of the basics of colour theory. Furthermore, we look at some of the ways in which colour affects the way we watch films. Being a filmmaker, you’ll know that different styles of films have different and unique looks. Sci-Fi often has a blue tone to the movie, red tones for romance and red and blues for comedies. For most other films including dramas, blue and orange is often used. As a result, these colors contrast with each other, orange makes their skin tones pop out of the image against the clear blue sky.

Source: Film In The Making