Analysing the camera movement in Ex Machina

The always great YouTube channel Film-Drunk Love has put together this quick analysis of Ex Machina’s Ava Sessions. We take a look at how camera positioning can change the dynamic of a scene. Every aspect of a film is intentional, from the lens choice to the camera movement. From the costumes to that bottle of water on the table in the background. Camera movements specifically can change the dynamics of a scene and give power to our protagonist or antagonist.

Ex Machina Scene Analysis

I have the power!

When you sit down with your screenwriter to analyse the dynamics of a scene, you’ll talk about power a lot. The motivations and goals of each character is the driving force of the scene. You wouldn’t want to arbitrarily add a camera movement purely because it looks cool, would you? I mean, sure, it’s important that your cinematography game is on point but it’s more important to progress your story. This scene analysis from Ex Machina expertly displays why choices are made.

Source: Film-Drunk Love