Visual Subtext Matters

How many times have you been sat around talking with friends about the latest episode of Game Of Thrones, the new Batman movie or the latest episode of Rick and Morty? How many times have you been able to point something out that everyone else has missed? How good did that make you feel? Subtext! Of course, the purpose of subtext isn’t just to give you a little bit of extra social currency with your friends. Subtext in your film can be the difference between a completely forgettable experience or one that leaves the audience thinking about it for days.

Understanding Visual Subtext

Nothing is Accidental

In this video, Alex Buono from Film Riot gives us a look at how to use visual subtext to add depth and meaning to your film. Nothing you see in cinema is by accident and everything is there for a reason. So, when you’re making your short film you should think about the little things, the subtext, the parts of your film that turn it from just another short, into an award winner.

Source: Film Riot