Let’s talk about that Loot Train Attack

Beware, this post is dark and full of spoilers for Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

Dracarys! If you hear anyone shout that, it’s probably time to run. I mean sure, you can stay around and try and be brave if you want, but unless you want your wheat toasted…run. Fast. The Loot Train Attack has to be one of the most epic battles in TV history. The last time I said that was probably regarding Battle of the Bastards, which was epic on a whole other level. If you haven’t seen the amazing behind the scenes look at how The Loot Train Attack was choreographed, filmed, pioneered or edited. Or if you want to see real people making a TV show whilst burning 20 (willing) stunt men alive in one go, then you should probably watch that. It’s quite amazing, here you go:

Behind the behind the scenes

The Nerdwriter has taken a look at what films, shows and scenes have influenced the creation of this epic battle. From The Revenant to Return of the King to Stage Coach. With such a vast battle involving so many moving parts and such beautiful cinematography, we could argue that the influences of this battle are many. Which is very true, there are probably too many influences to mention all of them in 20 filmmaking video essays. This video makes a great start into explaining the influences behind filmed The Loot Train Attack.

Source: The Nerdwriter