Why do we all love Robin Williams?

When you think of the comedy greats throughout the history of film, you think of Robin Williams. There was something special about Robin Williams, like a lot of actors, we can say we love their work. He was real, someone we felt close to, even in the projects and films that wouldn’t be considered his best work, he still exuded charisma. His mere existence was enough to make people smile. His ability to jump into any character instantly and his different performances cemented him in history as one of the comedy greats. He was flawless in comedy, he could leap from one character to another using free association.

Robin Williams

He was more than an actor.

Robin Williams was the personification of human emotion and in essence, he taught us how to grow up. This excellent video from Ryan Hollinger looks into what made Robin Williams the man we will always love. This beautiful man was a gift to the cinematic universe, to the comedy universe and to to all of our lives. We’re lucky enough to have his legacy to watch over and over and you can be sure we will.

Source: Ryan Hollinger